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Followers of the blog will know I’m a big fan of UltraEdit. I have a multi-platform unlimited upgrades license, so I run it on Linux, Mac and occasionally on a Windows VM.

I noticed today that version was released for Mac and Linux about a month ago. Not sure how I missed that on the update notices. 🙂 The changes for Mac are not that big because it was already at version 2.x, but the Linux version had been hanging around the 1.x for some time now and was missing a lot of functionality compared to the Mac version. This latest release is a pretty big catch-up for the Linux version and it now contains pretty much all of the functionality I use on a regular basis.

Both the Mac and Linux versions are still lagging behind the Windows version in terms of total functionality, but who cares about Windows… 🙂



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4 thoughts on “UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v2.1.0.3…”

  1. Sounds interesting. So what is the over/under on “Studio?” Is it rocket science to figure out how to get a multi-platform unlimited upgrades license? 25 years or so ago when I had to abandon Espsilon from Lugaru (an emacs thingy) and make do with vi due to an environment change is the last time I switched edit environments, but I’m open to learning something new.

  2. Hi.

    No idea about UEStudio. Never used it.

    For multi-platform license go here:


    In the dropdown lists, pick “Yes” for unlimited upgrades.

    Full versions of the products can be installed and used for 30 days before you have to buy, so I would suggest you give it a go first.

    The reactions people have to editors are quite extreme. There are some other good products on the market, but UE is the only one I’ve found that I’m happy with and runs on all 3 environments. That makes it a winner for me and worth the money.



  3. Iv been a big fan of UE for years, got my current company to buy it for me, and life was great. Then had a new laptop and had a nightmare re-licencing. Also the config kept reverting to base standard randomly, and the config backups didnt seem to work either.
    Then I gave in to the online chatter about notepad++ and installed it. Wow, its as good as UE, but also has the file comparison tool that UE has.
    AFAIK is not cross platform yet, but darn good. And anyways, if your on linux you should be using a real mans editor like vi. 🙂

  4. Hi.

    Yes, NotePad++ is quite nice. Maybe slightly cleaner than the Windows version of UE, which has got feature overload. 🙂

    The big killer is it is Windows-specific. Linux is my #1 OS (and I do still use vi for some things. 🙂 ), with Mac being #2, so NotePad++ is not a viable option (except on Wine).



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