Julie Marie (Hall) Lloyd : 1962-2011


While I was at OOW2010 my sister Julie was diagnosed with skin cancer. Just after I got back to the UK some scans revealed it had spread to a number of places including her brain and stomach. She started a course of treatment and we were all hopeful, but we knew the odds were stacked against her. On Saturday 9th April she died at the age of 48.

When Julie was 11 a boy at school was annoying her. She took a swing at him, missed and punched the guy standing next to him. The guy she accidentally punched was called Mark. He became her boyfriend, then later her husband and now, after 37 years of being together, her widower.



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  1. I’ve lost a few relatives to skin cancer (the price of being Australian I suppose). Sincerest condolences mate.

  2. Only learned about this recently and commented via FB. My family joins you and yours with our condolences and prayers.

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