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You open a ticket and wait… When you do get a reply it tells you to send information you’ve already posted, or suggests you try some workarounds you’ve already listed in the ticket as having not worked for you. You get frustrated and write a blog post ranting about how terrible the support service is etc. I guess this could be a story about just about any internet support service I’ve had to use over the years.

Do you remember in the old days, before the internet was popular, when you phoned support lines? Do you remember how quickly some of these annoying issues were resolved by simply saying, “I’ve already sent that!”, to a real person at the end of the line? OK. I’ve conveniently forgotten to mention being put on hold for hours, but this is my blog and I’m allowed to have a totally biased opinion about things… 🙂

Maybe elements of the good old days are coming back thanks to social media. Check out this article where Michael Dell proposes using Google+ Hangouts as a way of connecting to Dell service and sales.

Imagine the joy of being able to rant directly at a real person again. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Google+ Hangouts and Support…”

  1. heh, heh… language filters will need to be better developed 😛 Seriously, that idea does sound promising. quicker resolutions are always appreciated.

  2. O boy, back to the days of looking squarely at the salesperson and saying “do you really think anyone here rebuilds all their indices every weekend like your product advises?” and having a bunch of uncomfortable looking folk in the audience.

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