DV8: Can we talk about this?


One of my friends is a drama teacher, so every once in a while I get invited to see productions that are touring locally. Last night I went to see some physical theatre by a company called DV8. The show was called “Can we talk about this?” and was about “freedom of speech, censorship and Islam”. I’m not a political or religious person, so the subject matter was not something I’m really into. Actually, I didn’t even know what the production was about before it started. If I had I would probably have thought, “sounds too heavy”, and avoided it. Added to that, I’m not really an arty kind of guy, so I guess these facts make me about the worst possible person to sit in a show like this. So what did I think?

The human body is totally amazing. The way some of the performers move is quite bizarre and the level of fitness they have is incredible. To put it into context, it’s like doing a conference presentation while taking part in a circuits class and not having to stop for breath or water breaks. Flipping amazing!

I can’t say I could totally appreciate all the aspects of the production. I’m just not that into it, but it is good to take yourself out of your comfort zone occasionally.

Hopefully I’ll be back to reviewing crappy movies soon… 🙂



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