Up the Villa…


I had a bit of good news the other day. Nephew #2 (6 years old) is now playing for Aston Villa Academy. He’s quite small for his age and he trialed with a group of boys a year older than him, so my brother said he looked tiny and the kit they gave him was gigantic on him. He’s used to playing with Nephew #1, who’s just turned 10, so playing with bigger kids doesn’t phase him and he’s a bit more cocky than Nephew #1, which they seem to like at these places. Anyway, at the end of the session they said they want him. They are not allowed to sign exclusively until they are 8 years old, so he can keep playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy and Telford.

So now I have to support:

  • West Brom and Telford because Nephew #1 plays for them.
  • Villa, Wolves and Telford because Nephew #2 plays for them.
  • Man United because Nephew #1 and #2 (and their parents) support them.

I don’t even like football really, but if they can keep improving for the next 10 years and be in the freakishly small percentage of people that actually make it to become professional footballers, I’ll be able to live in the manner I would like to become accustomed to. Muhahaha (little finger in the corner of the mouth)… 🙂



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  1. Until the age of 16, clubs can only sign people within a 1 hour driving distance. Maybe Bolton will come knocking when they reach 16. 🙂



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