Repairman Jack: Conspiracies…

Conspiracies is the third book in the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson.

Jack is hired to look for a missing woman who happens to be part of a very exclusive conspiracy theory group. What’s more she went missing just before presenting her Grand Unification Theory, that supposedly explains the true root of all conspiracies through all the ages. Coincidence?

I really liked this story. I’m not into conspiracy theories myself, but I can see why they are fascinating to people. That constant spiral of the lack of evidence because the evidence is being withheld. It kinda draws you in.

I find people’s reaction to conspiracy theories rather intriguing. Doubters will turn their nose up at the thought of aliens because of the lack of proof, then go to church to worship to a God that requires no proof, just faith. Interesting. 🙂

I have a couple of acquaintances who are into the whole conspiracy thing. The thing that is rather disturbing about that is once you go down that path everything you ever see, do or experience seems to some how relate to it. Everything is a cover-up by [ the government | the Illuminati | Aliens | Satan | some other dark forces ].

My brain is a bit to basic for all of that. If I see it, it’s real. If I don’t it’s mumbo jumbo. Life’s a lot easier to cope with that way. 🙂



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