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If you have ever enjoyed a superhero film in your life you simply must go to see Avengers Assemble. It is totally fantastic. It has great action scenes, some really neat characters and is really funny at times too. I’ve not enjoyed an action film this much since I saw the first Iron Man Film. Awesome!!!

Iron Man/Tony Stark : I want to be him. He is too cool for school. He is Kool and the Gang.

The Hulk : All The Hulk films have been a bit of a let down because the only thing I really like is the green monster running around destroying things. The great thing about this film is it doesn’t have to fill two hours with the story of Bruce Banner, so you just get to see the bit you really want to see. The Hulk is fantastic in this film and adds greatly to the comedy elements. He literally had the whole audience laughing hard on several occasions.

Thor : I know the Thor film got a bit of a slating, but I liked it. I think the Thor character works well in this film.

Loki : I think he worked well as the bad guy. It’s always good when the bad guy is a little fragile.

Captain America : I didn’t like the CA film and I don’t really like the character in this film. It’s not Chris Evans fault. I just think the character is a bit lame and I feel no connection with him. He’s just totally meh.

Black Widow and Hawkeye : Whatever… Never heard of them before this film. Have no feeling either way about their presence in the film.

I guess you can see that in my head it’s an Iron Man and Hulk roadshow and I loved it.

So now I’ve raised your expectations you are going to hate it. 🙂



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  1. Awesome movie! The chemistry between the actors works quite well along with the action.

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