Fedora 17, Xfce and Cairo-Doc…


Followers of the blog will know I’ve been using Fedora as my main desktop/server OS for quite some time. I tend to use the default settings as much as possible, so that meant I switched to GNOME3 (when graphics cards allowed) and was generally not too displeased with it. I know a lot of people hate GNOME3, but I found it OK…

I think using XP at work has made me appreciate the simplicity of the old-style menus, so in a little fit of “I need a change”, I switched my window manager to Xfce. It’s quick and kinda basic as far as the interface goes, but feels really comfortable and familiar. So as not to get withdrawal symptoms from all things spangly, I’ve installed Cairo-Doc to get a posh little OSX-like doc at the bottom of my screen.

I’m not sure how long this new look will last, but so far I dig it.



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6 thoughts on “Fedora 17, Xfce and Cairo-Doc…”

  1. Hi.

    I don’t really dig the whole Debian/Ubuntu thing. I’m happy with the Red Hat based distros. I know a lot about them and I use them at work and at home daily, so there is little incentive to try a different distro.



  2. Hello Tim,

    I run my desktop on XFCE too, very usable and not that heavy on resources. I installed cinnamon (under fedora repos) to have same desktop patterns as «old style» desktops.

    Thanks for the cairo stuff, I’ll give a try to it.

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