Summer Cold… Again…


As seems to be the norm for me, the weather has taken a turn for the better and I’ve got a cold. 🙁

I’d like to say a quick sorry to a couple of people from the BGOUG conference who are waiting for feedback from me about some questions. I will get round to it, but the return to work and this blasted cold have made life complicated.

I spent Friday at work with my face buried in tissues, between necking Covonia. I spent Friday evening until this morning asleep in bed, with occasional periods of sleep in the bath. It’s amazing what 30+ hours in bed can do to a cold and how much damage it can do to your back!

Today I am being sponsored by Lemsip Max All In ON Cold and Flu Capsules. I must be feeling better as I’m bored and hungry, neither of which I have felt for the last 30+ hours. A couple more days and normal service will be resumed. 🙂



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