Star Trek Into Darkness


After yesterday’s visit to see Fast & Furious 6, I went this morning to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

The reviews I read about this pretty much slated it as being extremely self indulgent. Being only an observer of the franchise, rather than a rabid fan, I only noticed a few of the main back references and I didn’t really see them as a bad thing. Instead, I thought they added a little extra dimension to the story.

It’s a full-on action flick more than a sci-fi film really, but worth going to see in my opinion. If they do more of them I will probably go to see them. If they don’t I won’t cry myself to sleep. 🙂

Accent Alert: Will all Scottish people please cover their ears whenever Simon Pegg speaks. I used to go out with a Scottish girl and she would punch the living crap out of me if I did a Scottish accent that bad! Every time he spoke I felt myself twitch as if ducking for cover!



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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness”

  1. Hi Tim

    The excuse commonly given for Simon Pegg’s accent is that he is doing an impression of James Doohan, the original Scotty and Canadian.
    I think bad accents always grate with someone familiar with the accent, so for me anything with unconvincing Geordie jars.
    Anyway, still looking forward to seeing the film.



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