Pitch Black was an awesome film. It kind of came out of nowhere and delivered a Terminator meets Alien vibe. The sequel, Chronicles of Riddick, was a completely different style of film. I liked it, but I it wasn’t what I expected. Riddick is the third film in the franchise and it tries to revert to the Pitch Black formula.

Let’s be real about this. You go to a Vin Diesel film to see him be a total bad-ass with swagger. Riddick is the ultimate embodiment of that. He’s a psycho killer anti-hero. If he breaks his leg, he’s gonna reset it himself and pin it together with nails. If he gets stabbed, he’s gonna burn the surface of that wound and carry on fighting like he’s not been touched, regardless of the internal injuries! That’s what he is. That’s what he does. If you can check your brain in at the ticket desk, then you are going to enjoy it. 🙂

If I were looking for fault, I would the pacing of this film was a little off at times and it tried to hard to be Pitch Black, but who cares? Did I happen to mention it’s got Vin Diesel in it and he plays a bad-ass. Nuff said! 🙂

So if you are a fan of Vin Diesel and the whole Riddick thing, you are probably going to like it. If not, then back away slowly and don’t make eye contact!



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2 thoughts on “Riddick”

  1. Managed to see it last night, very happy.
    Certainly if you liked Pitch Black, you should like this.

    I think his capacity for pain is better detailed in the chronicles movie, so if people haven’t seen that then they might find it less ‘believable’

    I’ve heard whispers it was a bit of a tester for more detailed movies exploring the underverse etc – I’ll be watching whatever comes 😉

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