BGOUG Spring 2014 : Summary


I know I keep calling it the “spring” conference, but in my mind the two BGOUG conferences are always spring and autumn. This year the “spring” conference was a little late, hence my apparently strange blog titles. 🙂

I was initially planning to get a taxi from Sandanski to Sofia airport. Fortunately Sve and Mimi were driving back at the same time, so I got a lift with them, which was much better company.

The flight from Sofia to Munich went as planned. After a 110 minute layover in Munich, it was time for the last leg of the journey to Birmingham. Once again, so drama there.

So now I’m home and my 5th BGOUG conference is over. Once again, Melina and the BGOUG team did a great job. No offence to any other user group, but BGOUG is still my favourite conference of the year!

Thanks to everyone at BGOUG for making this run so smoothly. Thanks to the Oracle ACE Program for letting me “fly the flag” for the program. Your support is much appreciated! Thanks to all the other speakers. Your advice and support is always welcome. Of course, thanks to all the attendees who came to my sessions and made me feel so welcome. I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

I’ve shared a few photos on Google+.





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5 thoughts on “BGOUG Spring 2014 : Summary”

  1. Hi Tim,
    My name is Salman and I quite often post questions on your forums whenever i am in trouble and you have always been helpful – thank you for that. I am working with oracle for quite sometime now and trying my level best to contribute to oracle’s community and on these bases, I urge to apply for Oracle Ace program. Is it possible if you could nominate for Oracle Ace program. Please let me know if you can do me this favour so that I could provide you with my details, achievements and contributions to Oracle community. I did not have any direct contact of yours and therefore i am posting here. Thanks in advance


  2. @Salman : I only nominate people if I’ve had long term interaction with them through the community. Either I’ve been reading their work for a long time or I’ve interacted with them at conferences and see what they have to offer the community.

    My only interaction with you has been me answering your questions on my forum, so it would be wrong of me to nominate you. 🙂

    I suggest you speak to someone who has been a recipient of your help and advice and ask them to nominate you.

    I think it’s good that you are trying to contribute. Remember, it’s not a race. You have the rest of your career to be nominated. Do it because you love to do it. You might want to read this…



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