Fame at last!

Someone, who shall remain nameless (Eric Yen), just pointed me to this example of creating a credential in the 12c manual.

Looks kind-of familiar! 🙂

I mentioned in my 12c scheduler article that the DBMS_CREDENTIAL package is used in pretty much the same way as the old credential procedures in the DBMS_SCHEDULER package. So much so that someone has taken the example from my 11g article (here), replaced the package name and put it in the 12c documentation.

I think this is really funny. I hope they don’t “amend” it. 🙂

I’ve seen this happen in MOS notes a number of times, but I’ve never seen it in the manuals before. Fame at last!





Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

Funny how there is no mention of the name “Cloud Control” in the latest announcement. Does that mean we are back to calling it just Enterprise Manager again?

Anyway, the latest instalment of EM has been born. The downloads are available on OTN.

I’ve got mine downloading. The past few versions have been relatively easy to install on a clean system, but the upgrades have been a total pig. I’m hoping this one is going to be significantly easier… Sucker… 🙂