Email, where art thou?


email-at-1020116_640Followers of the blog will know I’ve recently migrated the website to AWS. Yesterday I bit the bullet and cancelled my dedicated server.

As part of that process I had to move my email account from that service too. I always pull all my emails into Gmail, so there is no point paying for something cool. A little POP account is fine.

I started the process yesterday afternoon/evening, thinking it would be a quick drop on the old service and recreate on the new one. Unfortunately the old service held on to the domain reference overnight, so it was a quiet evening on the email front. 🙂

This morning I was able to create the new account, do a little DNS tinkering and it all seems fine. Because of DNS propagation times, it’s possible I’ll lose some emails for the next 24 hours or so, but the spam has already started flying in, so word must have got around. 🙂

If you emailed something (you think) was important to me since last night and I’ve not responded, there’s a good chance I’ve not got it.

I’m hoping this marks the end of the disruption…



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2 thoughts on “Email, where art thou?”

  1. Just stuck up in the same sort of things :(. Glad to know all worked out for you. One quick question (clarification) -when you moved to new AWS hosting and updated DNS , the previous emails were not copied to the new host? Correct? And you mentioned you use Gmail for the emails? Means importing the emails of inthe Gmail , is it?

  2. Hi.

    1) I altered the DNS for my domain to point the “A” record to the new host, so only the wed traffic gets directed to the server on AWS.

    2) I could alter the MX records to point the mail there too, but that would mean I have to manage a mail server myself on the server and I have no interest in that. It’s too easy to get something wrong and get attacked. I would rather use a mail service and keep life easy. So it’s just a case of setting the MX records to point the mail at the mail host.

    3) I pull all mail from my POP account into Gmail. If you verify the external email account, you can send from Gmail as the external email address, so you are still receiving emails into Gmail via the POP account, but you are never sending emails from it. You send them from Gmail as your external address. Just add an account in the accounts section of Gmail.



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