Multitenant Enhancements in Oracle Database 12.2


I’ve started playing with some of the new multitenant functionality in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). There’s a lot of really cool stuff in there, which makes the multitenant architecture even more interesting. You can get a free trial of the Oracle Database Cloud Service and check it out if you like. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been doing over the holidays.

There’s a lot more to cover yet though. I think it could be another 22 articles just on the multitenant stuff. This is just the beginning. 🙂

As always with the new stuff, it’s getting revised constantly as I learn more. I’m also having to go back and edit some stuff from 12.1, just to make reference to the changes in 12.2.

I’m maintaining a list of all my multitenant articles here.



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