VirtualBox 5.1.20


VirtualBox 5.1.20 has been released!

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

The installation on macOS Sierra and Oracle Linux 6 hosts went well and all seems to be working OK there.

I’m not 100% sure about the Windows 7 host though. The installation itself went fine, as did the installation of guest additions on a Linux VM running inside it. After a restart of the VM I attempted to do a yum update and the VM just seems to have died now. I can’t get more than a couple of commands out of it before it becomes unresponsive and has to be restarted. I think I’m going to have to remove and rebuild it. I don’t know if this was something I did, or something weird with VirtualBox.

That’s on my work PC and I’m not at work this week, so I was doing it over TeamViewer. I probably won’t have time to look at this again until next week. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has issues on Windows.

Happy upgrading.



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One thought on “VirtualBox 5.1.20”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I have seen something similar with a Windows 8.1 host and the Database prebuilt VM you can download from OTN. As soon as I update the guest additions version inside the Linux VM, the VM does not start anymore. If I do not update the guest additions version inside the Linux VM everything is fine. So it seems related to the guest additions?
    This also happened to a database VM I built myself. There the update of the guest additions also finished the VM off…

    Regards, Marcel

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