Video : JSON Data Guide


Today’s video is an overview of the JSON Data Guide functionality introduced in Oracle 12.2.

If videos aren’t your thing, you can read the articles instead. This video focuses on the main features that were introduced in 12.2, but there are some nice additions in 18c also.

The cameo in today’s video is Toon Koppelaars of #SMartDB fame.



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2 thoughts on “Video : JSON Data Guide”

  1. I have a standard procedure that I use to frequently access web services, JSON is a format that I know in the context of web development, but what is the best way to work with json inside a stored procedure? For example, take the CLOB response from a URI, convert it to a JSON object and get the value from it?

  2. Hi.

    Pre-12c I would say use APEX_JSON package.

    12cR1 you also have the option to use JSON_TABLE.

    12cR2 onward, you also have the option to use the PL/SQL Object Type for JSON.

    Although it’s an ORDS article, this article gives an example of all three handling JSON coming into a procedure as a parameter.



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