Oracle Help Center of the Future: Reimagining Documentation (COLLABORATE 19)


If you follow me on Twitter you will know I recently had a conference call with the Oracle Documentation folks. We were discussing a number of points, some of which were related to a blog post of mine here.

Following that Roland Mcleod from the team mentioned they would be at Collaborate 19. This is an ideal opportunity for people to give their feedback directly to the team, and help shape the future of the documentation. Please go and speak to them, and give some constructive feedback about the documentation for whatever Oracle products you work with. Let them know what you like, dislike and how things would work better for you! It’s important they understand how you like to consume information, if you want the documentation to improve.

It’s also important that a variety of people get involved. Young, old, experienced and fresh to the game. We all like to consume information in a different way, and it’s important the documentation works for everybody.

I also said I would give their Collaborate 19 sessions a shout out, so here is what Roland sent me.

Can you reimagine Oracle Documentation and Help?

The Oracle Help Center is undergoing a complete redesign. We need all customers, partners and consultants to help us make it work for you.

Please attend one of our sessions and come by to see us at the Oracle Exhibit Area: Oracle Help Center Ambassadors!

Session ID: 112040
Oracle Help Center of the Future: Reimagining Documentation
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 8, 2019
CC 2ND FL 225B

Oracle Help Center of the Future: Reimagining Documentation
3:15 PM–4:15 PM Apr 8, 2019
CC 2ND FL 225B

Session Abstract: In this interactive session; you’ll have an opportunity to provide your feedback about the current and future Oracle Help Center ( You will be invited to share how you use documentation in your role and at your organization. This session includes a brief preview of the future Oracle Help Center experience.



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3 thoughts on “Oracle Help Center of the Future: Reimagining Documentation (COLLABORATE 19)”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I am personally not very fond of new master book list pages that Oracle introduced.
    Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you have a similar experience.
    I wrote about it here:
    I believe that does not lead to a positive user experience and I do not see why the new structure was introduced. Well, they provided a capability to select either HTML or PDF format. However, it would be better to keep book titles as HTML links, so that they would be clickable. Now there is no way to quickly jump to a book that you have not included into your browser’s favorites.
    I have already implemented a workaround for myself by modifying the HTML code of the master book pages in JavaScript using Firefox plugin Tampermonkey.

  2. There used to be a possibility to report bugs in documentation directly on the online doc site, but I can not find it anymore. Do you know of a way to report documentation bugs beside logging an SR?


  3. Martin : Unfortunately, it is SR only at the moment, unless you can get it in front of a product PM, who may raise it as an internal bug against the documentation.



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