VirtualBox 6.1.10


VirtualBox 6.1.10 has been released.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve installed it on Windows 10, macOS Catalina and Oracle Linux 7 hosts and there wasn’t any drama. My Vagrant boxes seem to be running fine.



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2 thoughts on “VirtualBox 6.1.10”

  1. After installing Virtual Box 6.1.10 in Mac OS Catalina ….While extracting data machine hangs and get crashed.

    Machine get started restarting. I have tried Version 5 also, its not resolve

    Kindly give a solutions for that.

  2. Hi.

    I’ve not had any problems on VirtualBox 6.1.10 on Catalina. It just worked. I would suggest removing VirtualBox then reinstalling it. Try rebooting as well. I’ve not had to do this, but it’s what I would try.



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