Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) : The Big Reveal


The Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) was announced during the Oracle Developer Live (#OracleDevLive) event last night. This was accompanied by a blog post announcement here.

I was on an briefing the night before where we were told about this announcement in advance. Later I found out the service had been live since Tuesday, but they were waiting for this event for the big reveal. As soon as I knew it was live I fired up an instance up on my free tier account, but I had to wait for the announcement before I released the article. You can see what I tried here.

If it looks familiar, that’s because it is. The Autonomous JSON Database is essentially an Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) instance with some restrictions, that you get to run for less money. You can “convert” it to full ATP at the click of a button if you want to. Obviously, the price changes then.

If you are considering using the Autonomous JSON Database service you will need to learn more about SODA (Simple Oracle Document Access). I’ve written a few things about this over the years.

There are SODA APIs for a bunch of languages. You can do all of this on-prem using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), but it comes ready to go on AJD and ATP.

So now it’s here, and it’s available on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier, what have you got to lose?



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