VirtualBox 6.0

VirtualBox 6.0.0 has been released.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve installed it on my Windows 10 laptop at work, which I use with Vagrant for testing of Oracle, WebLogic, Tomcat server builds, as well as Docker builds. I’ll do my personal Windows 10 laptop, old MBP and OL7 server when I get home. 


  • Windows 10 : The install went fine on my home Windows 10 machine. One slight hiccup on my work laptop. The installation went fine, then chucked out a bunch of errors. Once I rebooted it behaved fine. I think this is because we have a company build of Windows 10. I’ve hit a few snags in the past that haven’t been repeatable on Windows 10 at home.
  • macOS Mojave : No worries. I even tried it on an old machine running El Capitan and it was fine there too.
  • Oracle Linux 7 : I couldn’t install straight over the top of the previous version (5.2.22) as it produced conflicts, so I did a “yum remove” of that, then a “yum install” of the new package and it worked fine.

It’s also worth noting I kicked off a few new builds using Vagrant (2.2.2) and they went fine with the new version of VirtualBox.

Anyway, so far, so good.

As always, it’s a new product out of the door. I expect some frequent releases until it settles out, and if you’ve got something that really matters, like you are doing some demos tomorrow, I would probably hang back for a while. 🙂