AdoptOpenJDK to Adoptium

This post is a “note to self”….

If you’ve been using AdoptOpenJDK to download OpenJDK, you will have noticed for the last few months there has been a message at the top of the screen with this link.

That message recently changed to include the following message.

“Our July 2021 and future releases will come from

When you go to the link you will see a very familiar looking page layout, with some slightly different branding. 🙂

They July updates are scheduled for the end of July, so you’ll have to wait a bit. In previous quarters they’ve been less than 3 working days of the initial security announcement, but I guess the reorganization has delayed things somewhat.

So just remember to switch from this:

To this:

Happy patching!



Update: The OpenJDK 8 and 16 downloads are now present. Still waiting for the OpenJDK 11 downloads.