OTN APAC Tour 2016 : It’s Nearly Here!

otnapac16dIn a little over a week I’ll be starting the OTN Asia Pacific (APAC) Tour 2016, or to be more accurate I’ll be starting the first half of it.

I’ll be attending the following events.

  • Wellington, New Zealand: October 26th (Event)
  • Auckland, New Zealand: October 27th (Event)
  • Sydney, Australia: October 31st (Event)
  • Gold Coast, Australia: November 2nd (Event)

The tour carries on without me (I had already committed to another event in Europe) to the following locations.

  • Beijing, China: November 4th and 5th (Event)
  • Shanghai, China: November 6th (Event)
  • Bangalore, India: November 11 and 12 (Event)

I’m feeling pretty nervous about the travelling. The Dubai to Auckland flight alone is 16+ hours. It’s a long way to go for such a short visit, but I’m sure I will enjoy it when I’m there.


I did try to upgrade the flights to business class, but there were no seats left. I’ll keep trying. It will cost me a lot of money, but it will make the whole traveling process a lot more pleasant if I can sort it out.

Hopefully I’ll get to see you there. I’ll be the guy asleep on the floor with his tongue hanging out… 🙂



Advert: Asia Pacific PL/SQL Masterclasses…

It’s a little over a month before I start a run of four PL/SQL Masterclasses in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Singapore (14-15 October)
  • Syndey (18-19 October)
  • Melbourne (21-22 October)
  • Hong Kong (25-26 October)

If you are interested, contact Oracle and get booked on. The details are here: APAC Seminars.