Happy Holidays

So it’s Christmas morning here in the UK.

I’m pretty tired after last night’s events. The night before I heard something in my ceiling, which I was hoping was mice, but suspected might be this.

Last night I put a humane trap in the attic and in the evening heard some noise as the trap was rocking back and forth. I took it outside to a hedge about 100 yards away, as suggested by a couple of websites, let it go, then reset the trap. It was a windy night, so the house was creaking a bit. Early this morning I heard more noise, checked and noticed the trap was triggered again. So at about 02:00 on Christmas day I was outside lurking around looking suspicious, letting a second, bigger mouse go. The trap was reset again. This morning, not sign of any more little visitors!

With the thought of visitors in mind, I took a quick look at who was on my website this morning, and sure enough there were 48 Christmas visitors at the time I checked. 🙂

In the third visitor-related point, I’m off now to visit my family for the day!

I’d like to wish you all happy holidays and let’s see if we can make it a great new year together!