Video : Collation and Case-Insensitive Queries in Oracle Database

Today’s video is a run through the Collation functionality introduced in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2).

If videos aren’t your thing, you can find a lot more information about this subject in my article here.

The cameo in today’s video is Kim Berg Hansen. ­čÖé



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Collation and Case-Insensitive Database in Oracle 12.2

A little while ago Jeff Smith asked me if I had done anything with the collation functionality in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). At the time my response was I was letting it stew a little before I released anything about it.

For some functionality the manuals contain a lot of information, but it’s not always obvious┬áhow much you will really care about. The collation functionality is exactly like that. You can get bogged down in some quite heavy stuff, or you can give some basic┬áexamples to point people in the right direction and let them go further if they need to. That’s the route I took with this article.

I think this will be a game-changer for some applications.┬áIf you’re a MySQL user you are probably laughing now about how long it’s taken Oracle to catch up. ­čÖé

As always, you have to approach this stuff with a little caution. Making a change that affects every query against some┬ádata for comparisons and ordering is rather dangerous. I’m not sure how quickly, if ever, I would be considering a switch across to this for my actual table segments, but I can certainly see how some views or materialized views could be put to good use┬áreally quickly.

It will be interesting to see how this is recieved.