Over the last few days life has been giving me a little reminder about the usefulness of Homeostasis

On Wednesday afternoon I felt a little under the weather and by the evening I was throwing up in a big way. Eventually the effort of it all drained me to the point where I fell asleep. By the morning I was feeling much better, or so I thought. For the most part the vomiting had finished, but it seemed like my body had totally forgotten it had a homeostatic mechanism for regulating its temperature. I had the usual stuff you get when you are ill, like cold sweats one minute, then feeling really hot the next. The difference this time was I seemed to react really quickly to the temperature of food and drinks I consumed. If I ate some hot (temperature, not spicy) food I would quickly start sweating like a racehorse. Have a cold drink and it would be uncontrollable shivering. Kinda freaky.

For the last few days I’ve been cycling between bed, hot baths and the computer. I think I managed my body temperature pretty well if I do say so myself.

Today is the first day the whole temperature regulation thing seems back to normal, but my throat feels a little dodgy. The joys of secondary infections. 🙂



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