Never Back Down…

I went to see Never Back Down on Saturday evening. The trailer looked like an episode of “The O.C.” or “One Tree Hill” with some fighting in, so I was expecting it to be really bad. On looking at the cast list, it turns out some of the cast have appeared in episodes of those shows, I wasn’t too far off the money.

The story is essentially just a remake of the Karate Kid movie, using Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) rather than Karate. Just like the Karate Kid movie, there wasn’t a great deal of martial arts in this film.

If you like vacuous shows like the O.C and On Tree Hill you will probably love this. If you go expecting to see a martial arts film you will be very disappointed. There were a few moments of interest, but for the most part it was well worth missing. 🙂

The trailer for Iron Man looks fantastic. Almost worth the cinema trip to see this trailer. 🙂