Touchdown in Zagreb, Croatia…

When I left Birmingham and it was a warm and sunny. I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia and it is wet. The taxi driver apologized for the weather, but I told him this feels more like home than home does. 🙂

The flight went OK. I had a 4 hour stop in Frankfurt, but I used this new fangled interweb thing to keep me occupied. It’s fun, but I can’t see it catching on.

The second leg of the trip had a bit of turbulence on take-off and landing, but apart from a few quick flashbacks to trans-atlantic nightmares, I was fine. I had a little phone drama once I landed, centered around the fact I couldn’t find it. Once I got to the hotel I emptied my rucksack and found it hiding in a side pocket. Pesky bags with their handy side pockets…

The taxi driver gave the the heads-up on a few bits of the local lingo. I’ve added enough words to my vocabulary to make myself look completely stupid tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I start a 2-day PL/SQL class for Oracle University. It should be easy to get to as it’s in the same hotel I’m staying in. The only thing I’ve got do before the class is sleep and iron 2 shirts. The ironing is praying heavily on my mind. I should have stipulated “crumpled appearance” in the contract.



Slovakia Day -1

I got to Slovakia with no major trauma.  I also had enough time to have a quick look round. As always, I used the shotgun approach. Several shots of each scene in the hope something would come out looking OK. 🙂

Not sure if I’ll have time to do any more looking around. The schedule is pretty tight for the next 2 days and I leave straight after finishing the second day. Better than nothing though.

It’s a Sunday so the streets are pretty quiet except for tourists.