PL/SQL Masterclass Croatia – Day 2

I wrote this post in Munich airport, but forgot to post it, hence the big gap…

After finishing teaching on the first day I got a taxi into town to have a look round for a couple of hours.

Since arriving in Zagreb I had been getting some serious déjà vu. First, I had some currency in my wallet that I didn’t get and I’ve never been to Croatia before. Second, the hotel seemed too familiar. I mean spookily familiar. Walking round Zagreb continued the theme because I kept feeling like I recognized places. It is similar to Tallinn, Estonia in parts, so I guess that may have been part of it. What with the days teaching and the events of the evening I was completely knackered by bedtime.

Day two went well. I think one demo screwed up, but that was my fault because I dropped some objects in the schema, forgetting that editioning was switched on for that schema and the objects were still present in another edition. Once I realized this I quickly cleaned up and the demo worked fine. Everything else seemed cool.

When it was all over I spent some time chatting and was given a summary of the feedback forms, which looked really good. I was confident I had plenty of time before my flight, but when I checked the times I noticed I’d been looking at the arrival times in Munich, not my departure time from Zagreb. Panic!!!!!

I arrived at the airport as boarding was closing. Fortunately, Zagreb airport is quite small, so they phoned through and I was allowed to get on the plane. In the panic I forgot to get a receipt from the taxi driver, but faced with a choice of losing a few pounds or missing a flight I know which one I would pick. 🙂

The flight back home was pretty low key. I had a 3 hour stop at Munich whre I wrote this post, then promptly forgot to publish it. 🙂

So another Oracle University gig under the belt. Thanks to everyone who came to the sessions and helped in the organization.