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Here’s the latest OAUX News posted by Vikki Lira in the OAUX Newsletter. If you take a look at the OAUX Twitter account you will see they are having too much fun! 🙂

OAUX STRATEGY – OPTIMAL UX DESIGN: Jeremy Ashley, group vice president for the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team, talks about people and their patterns, and how that’s important when designing the Oracle user experience (UX), in a new post on Forbes.com’s OracleVoice blog.

WHAT CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW: Read about Rightside, an Internet company, in this new post I’ve written on the OAUX Blog. They describe their Oracle ERP Cloud implementation and a user experience they call “modern” and “easy to use.”

THE INTERSECTION OF WORK AND PLAY: Sometimes work can also be play – and guess what, that’s good for the worker and for the work. Read this new article about how work and play intersect in the research conducted by our emerging technologies team, the AppsLab. I recommend visiting their blog to read up on recent posts on the developer experience and fun with Facebook.

NOW AVAILABLE- Oracle MAF Mobile UX RDK: We’re excited to announce the availability of the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Mobile UX Rapid Development Kit (RDK).  This latest RDK is for anyone who wants to innovate fast in the SaaS cloud and to design and build mobile apps with a great UX using Oracle MAF.

CREATIVE COLLABORATION: Check our new blog, the OAUX Blog, for two new posts on where we’ve been engaging and collaborating and just generally being creative:



Canberra Oracle User Group (ACTOUG) get together…

I was chatting to Marcel Kratochvil at OpenWorld this year and he suggested I visit Canberra to have a chat with the guys from ACTOUG while I was in Australia, so yesterday morning I flew into Canberra.

On the plane I developed a splitting headache, due to lack of sleep, so by the time I got off I was feeling pretty bad. Marcel was meant to be giving me a lift to the hotel, but I couldn’t see him so with self preservation in mind I got into a taxi and went straight to the hotel. I told the front desk to tell him I had arrived if he called, but told them not to disturb me. I got to my room, puked a couple of times and fell asleep for most of the day.

Marcel called me from reception at 16:30 and off we went to the Oracle office in Canberra…

The format was a “Beer and Pizza” night. People eat, drink and chat for a while, then I did a one hour presentation while they were too subdued to leave. Once the presentation was over we went back to just general socializing. Nothing for pulling a crowd like free beer and pizza…

Despite still not feeling too great, I had a really good time. Put me in a room of people and tell me to talk and I’m in my element. Throw in pizza as well and I’m in heaven.

I got up at silly o’clock again today, 02:00 to be precise. Marcel is giving me a quick tour of the city on my way back to the airport, where I will fly back to Melbourne.



PS. Where were you Richard? There will be repercussions… 🙂