Whale watching in Freemantle…

I went whale watching in Freemantle today. I took a boat trip down the swan river from Perth to Freemantle, then got on a bigger boat and went out to sea. The water was really choppy, so about 25% of the people were really ill and many others were close. I haven’t found my land legs yet, so I was fine.

I wasn’t holding out much hope of seeing anything, but then we saw a Humpback whale jump. We moved towards it and it jumped again. Next we spotted a mother and calf. They were a bit more subdued, but we did see them come to the surface and there was a little bit of tail slapping. I didn’t get any photos or video of it, but I found this on YouTube which shows you what it looked like.

Finally, we saw a big whale in the distance repeatedly doing tail slaps. We moved closer, but then had to turn round and head back. I did video this, but I’m rubbish and it’s too embaressing to post it. 🙂

The rough sea made the boat trip feel like a rollercoater ride, which was fun. The fact that we actually saw the whales was totally cool.