Inline View takes which memory

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Inline View takes which memory

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm


Thanks for your service.

1.) Could you explain which memory ( tablespace ) oracle uses when it has to serve for a query with multiple inline views?

2.) How do i monitor ths space usage of oracle (memory used when dealing with inline view) when it is serving for long running query with inline view?

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RE:Inline View takes which memory

Postby Tim... » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm


You seem to be a little confused. You seem to be switching between references to memory and tablespaces. These are not the same thing. A tablespace holds physical objects such as tables and indexes etc. Views are stored queries in the dictionary. Inline views are generated at runtime as the query is processed. Neither type of view has anythign to do with tablespaces.

If you are concerned about the memeory usage of a query I suggest you check out the v$sesstat view. This provides all the statistical information Oracle has related to a session. The names of the statistics can be displayed in a more readable form using the v$statname view.


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