shared server mode vs. dedicated server mode

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shared server mode vs. dedicated server mode

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm

Hi Tim,

I am trying to create an OLTP database (currently 5GB) for nationwide use, I think I should use shared server mode instead of dedicated server mode, correct?


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RE:shared server mode vs. dedicated server mode

Postby Tim... » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm


The choice between shared server and dedicated server depends on the type of usage. Typically, if you are expecting 50+ concurrent users you may save memory by using shared server as you are not allocated server processes for each connection. Remember, by using shared server you are placing requests on queues for a limited number of dispatchers to process.

If you don't define enough dispatchers your system will be slower than in dedicated server mode. If you define enough it may actually be faster as the time it takes to make a new connection may be reduced.


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