Oracle RAC Disk Layout

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Oracle RAC Disk Layout

Postby kapil.relan » Wed May 01, 2013 6:57 am

Hello Experts,

Greetings !

I have been practicing Oracle RAC 11gR2 since few days, after getting quite good hands on installation and configuration in test env, i am looking forward for the recommendations for the Disk Layout/architecture for production Env. I have some question related to the same.


OS : Red Hat 6
IBM Servers
IBM Storwize V3700.

1. Should I have different Disk Group for Data, OCR/Voting and Flash Recovery area ?
2. If yes, can I have different RAID level for all or some ? As observed storing archivelogs on RAID 5 is performance killer.
3. what can best server iSCSI or Fiber ?
4. What can be best for interconnect: cross-over cable or is there any option for it.

Any more suggestion are also welcome.

Kapil Relan.

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Re: Oracle RAC Disk Layout

Postby Tim... » Wed May 01, 2013 7:25 am


1) Yes.

2) Yes. All LUNs in a disk group should be the same size and performance, but different disk groups can have different size and performance LUNs.

3) No such thing as best. Depends on your kits. We use FC because all out storage are FC-based SANs. If we had iSCSI-based storage, that is what we would use. iSCSI tends to be a lot cheaper, which makes it an attractive option.

4) Crossover cable is not supported. There should always be a switch between the nodes on the interconnect network. Without this failure of a node will not be handled properly. It doesn't have to be a high-end switch. Just something that gets the job done.


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