Oracle Golden Gate Initial Load for Large Amount of Data

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Oracle Golden Gate Initial Load for Large Amount of Data

Postby kapil.relan » Tue May 07, 2013 6:52 am

Hello Experts,

Greetings !


H/W Architecture : SPARCH
Oracle DB : 11gR2 Enterprise Edtion

We are planning to implement the DR for 10 SAP Servers using Oracle Golden Gate over different h/w and OS platform. Size of each database is more than 80GB.

Problem areas:

1. Performing initial load using the OGG process will not be suitable, as migrating data and online changes simultaneously over large distance doesn't seems to be the feasible solution.

2. Another way is to get the total export of the SAP System and import the same at remote location. This is again not feasible as it would incur the downtime.

3. I am not yet aware of SAP installation, but quite sure that installation create it own schema "sapsr3" with its default data. Here again if I install oracle separately will i be able to achieve purpose.

Can you please suggest an alternative process to sync the databases initially without any downtime. And also put some focus on SAP System with Oracle Golden Gate.

Kindly help.

Thnks & Rgds,
Kapil Relan

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Re: Oracle Golden Gate Initial Load for Large Amount of Data

Postby Tim... » Tue May 07, 2013 7:06 am


I think you've made a mistake at the top of your post. It is impossible to run HP-UK on SPARC...

Your options for the initial population as far as I see it are:

1) Let GG do it.
2) Export/Import.
3) Database duplication.

I would suggest option 3 would be the quickest.

I can't give you specific details about SAP and GG because I don't work with either.


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