Remote_Listener for Load Balance 11g

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Remote_Listener for Load Balance 11g

Postby aidansierra » Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:30 pm


i have an Oracle RAC 11.2.03 with 2 Nodes w different specs running solaris 10

Node1 has 1 cpu (8 cores 2848Mhz) and 32Gb RAM
Node2 has 4 cpu (1592Mhz) with 14Gb RAM

as of now i can see i have load balancing in number of sessions evenly distributed on the nodes. But since node2 is weakest I need to achieve load balancing based on service time (runtime load balancing).

In 11.2 the SCAN is supposed to do the load balancing and currently the value in the REMOTE_LISTENER parameter is the scan name, but everywhere people say I have to put the listener of node2 on node1 to achieve the load balance and viceversa.
My question is:

In 11.2 leaving the REMOTE_LISTENER as SCAN does the load balance?

and this load balance is based on load or just number of connections?


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Re: Remote_Listener for Load Balance 11g

Postby Tim... » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:16 pm


The load is balanced based on session count. What it is doing is correct.

If you want to "balance" the load more sensibly, I would suggest you manually partition the load using services, such that certain types of processes are directed preferentially at one node. See: ... es-10g.php

Note. Even if evenly specced nodes, I've never seen a successful RAC implementation that has not in some way partitioned the workload using services. Not only will this protect your weaker node, but it willl reduce interconnect traffic!


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