Node Does not startup after reboot.

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Node Does not startup after reboot.

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Hi Tim,

We have 3 node 11gR2 ( clusterware running with oracle DB, on Linux 5.7 x64

I recently faced an issue, where after reboot of ONE of the nodes, the database does not startup.
I tried looking through the trace file but I need help in figuring out what could be the issue , Here is what I see at the end of trace file

kjxgmpoll reconfig instance map: 4 5
kjxgmpoll: CGS state (10 2) start 0x54144da5 cur 0x54144e00 rcfgtm 91 sec
kjxgmpoll: the CGS reconfiguration has spent 91 seconds.
kjxgmpoll: terminate the CGS reconfig.
Error: Cluster Group Service reconfiguration takes too long
LMON caught an error 29702 in the main loop
error 29702 detected in background process
ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation

The CGS timeout I see at the start of trace file is 85 sec , Can you guide me into what further I can look into to solve this issue ?
Should I Upload the trace file here?

Deeply appreciate your help

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Re: Node Does not startup after reboot.

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