CASE statement in SQL

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CASE statement in SQL

Postby baseballGuy » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:25 pm

Hi Tim,

Below example of the CASE statement in SQL:

select table_name,
CASE owner
WHEN 'SYS' THEN 'dbms_service.blah;'
WHEN 'SYSTEM' THEN 'dbms_service.DUD'
ELSE 'The owner is another value'
from all_tables;

1. I don't think we can have more than ONE condition in the WHEN, for example: WHEN 'SYSTEM' and 'TEST'. b/c my second and third condition, are the same so I need to add at least one more condition to differentiate the two, how can I do that?

2. how can I call or write the result on the dbms_service to a file and also use the SQLPLUS to execute the result.


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Re: CASE statement in SQL

Postby Tim... » Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:36 pm


1) You need a searched case expression to use multiple conditions in the single decision: ... 9i.php#SCE

2) You can only call PL/SQL functions in SQL, not procedures. The return value of the function will be displayed as the column value.

Code: Select all

select table_name,
WHEN 'SYS'  and .... THEN dbms_service.function-name
WHEN 'SYSTEM'  and ... THEN another-function
ELSE 'The owner is another value'
from all_tables;
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