Need advice about course track

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Need advice about course track

Postby Chandrima.d31 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:17 am

I'm a in comp. sc. & engg. I'm planning to take up OCA and OCP course. Now Developer track or DBA track - which one will be suitable in terms of current market value? And what is Oracle Application DBA?? Is it something else? Sorry if I'm sounding dumb, I'm really a newbie in this field. I know only SQL, PL and a bit forms 6i & reports 6i. Nothing else.

(I'm working in a public sector unit as an IT-Officer for last 1year. But to tell the truth, I've no experience in development. In fact, there's no opportunity for growing my IT-skills here :( . I regret that if I'd be in any IT-company I could have grown hands-on experience in this field.. So I want to shift into IT-company after taking up some suitable certification courses. Will these help?? I know that every employer looks for an experienced person.. but until & unless someone give me a scope to start first, how can I be experienced??? :( )

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Re: Need advice about course track

Postby Tim... » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:47 am


There are more programming jobs than DBA jobs, so it may be better to do the developer track. You can always do the DBA track later.

An applications DBA is a traditional DBA that also has experience of managing eBusiness Suite. It requires the normal DBA stuff, plus some additional skills that you can only really get by administering an eBusiness Suite installation.

It's going to be tough to get a job in the Oracle world without experience. For my first job I worked for free for 4 months. That's how I got into it. If you can't do that, your only option is to keep applying for any Oracle related jobs, but it's going to be tough without experience.


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