1Z0-042 Certification Exam Question

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1Z0-042 Certification Exam Question

Postby JayW » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:10 pm

1Z0-042 Certification Exam Question: SYS_UNDOTBS as default vs. ORA-30045 error message ??

I am preparing for 1Z0-042 OCA certification, Oracle 10g and when doing practice exams have persistently run into question I can summarize as follows:

When creating a new Oracle 10g R2 database via script ("CREATE DATABASE" etc.) with a parameter file, if UNDO_MANAGEMENT=AUTO is in pfile and no UNDO_TABLESPACE is specified when creating the database, I get an error message: "ORA-30045: No undo tablespace name specified". This is on a RHEL 4.7 machine. Various test engines that I have used, however, insist that "...an undo tablespace named SYS_UNDOTBS will be created automatically" when the above conditions are encountered.

This strikes me as the type of question that might well occur on the certification exam; ordinarily I would go with my experience in a test environment (i.e., the error message) but I have seen the item about a default undo tablespace often enough that I am not sure - might be release 1 vs. 2, OMF vs. user manual file management or some other issue with which I am unfamiliar.

Any guidance as to the above situation would be most welcome. TIA.

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Re: 1Z0-042 Certification Exam Question

Postby Tim... » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:22 am


Like you say, the exam is written mostly against release 1, so you really need to test the repose there. Also, the OMF issue is pretty important as most new installations assume you are using OMF.


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