GSD is in offline always!!

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GSD is in offline always!!

Postby sivakumarocp » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:20 am

Hi Tim,

In RAC cluster, I could see GSD service alone in OFFLINE stat always.

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oracle:@lnxrac4c /oracle > crsstat | grep -i offline
ora.gsd                                       OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora.lnxracbo4a.gsd                            OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora.lnxracbo4b.gsd                            OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora.lnxrac4c.gsd                              OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora.oc4j                                      OFFLINE    OFFLINE
oracle:@lnxrac4c /oracle >

why its in offline? is there there any specific reason behind this?
When this GSD service will be in online.

One more question.

How can i find SCAN name in 11g RAC cluster?

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Re: GSD is in offline always!!

Postby Tim... » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:36 am


1) The GSD service is only used for servicing 9i RAC installations. It has no function in 11g. For this reason it is turned off by default. If you decide to run 9i RAC on an 11g GI, then you need to turn it on. ... m#BABDAFGD

So you are fine to leave it off. In a couple of versions time it will be removed.

2) The scan should be referenced in:

- The tnsnames.ora file in the HOST parameter.
- The REMOTE_LISTENER parameter of the nodes.

You can also get information about the SCAN from the following commands.

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srvctl config scan
srvctl config scan_listener


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