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Comments for Oracle Linux : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Davide said...

Awesome! Tim you did a great job. Thanks

Marko Sutic said...

Great article Tim.
I agree with you that Oracle Linux should be always first choice for hosting Oracle applications.
It is very stable OS and the best of all - it's free!


Todd said...

Nicely done Tim. Most succinct and relevant FAQ I've seen on this topic.

Fer said...

Nice work!

Yuri said...

I had an issue(Bug ID 18459498) with modules booting installed OL7.2 installed from e-delivery store distro using UEK. I was really disapointed about UEK, but kernel renewal helped me eliminate this issue. Evaluating the fact, that this was my first experience with this OS, I have to say that this not made me very happy. E-delivery distro with the UEK bug it's not good input from ORACLE Co.

Tim... said...

Hi Yuri.

Sorry to see you had a problem. I've not had any problems with UEK myself over the last few years, but I guess it depends what features you are using, as to what bugs you may see. At least with Oracle Linux you get the choice of two kernels (UEK or RHEL). :) As always, keep your distro up to date with errata and that should go a long way to ironing out glitches.



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