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Comments for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Installation On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4)

DoubleJ said...


good job.

in .bash_profile:
why you comment #LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1; export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL ???
it's preconise by ORACLE on RHEL4

in dbora (init file):
you have # chkconfig: - 20 80
it's better # chkconfig: 345 29 99
and after you haven't need the ln-s
just : chkconfig dbora on

we can add a /var/lock/subsys/oracle file
to be sure on start and stop.

best regards

Tim... said...


Regarding the comment, it's just to remind me it's not needed :)

I guess the rest is force of habit. Oracle suggest the links method, but this doesn't set the service to autostart, so I add in the chkconfig step also. I didn't known this negated the need for the links. I'll check it out.



Gaby said...

Thank you for the info!

Felipe said...


For x86_64 installs on RHEL4, dont forget the following steps;

remove: libaio (by default RHEL 4 install 32 bit version)

install the following packages:
glibc (32 bit)
libaio (64 bit)

The rest is the same.

Best reqards.

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