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Comments for SQL Repair Advisor (DBMS_SQLDIAG and DBMS_SQLDIAG_INTERNAL) in Oracle 11g

RobK said...

Hi Tim!

How do you know that DBMS_SQLDIAG can be used in SE2 in 12.2?
I tested SQL PATCH in SE2. It works fine, but I've never seen documented that SQL Patch can be used in SE.

Only hint is that DBMS_SQLDIAG is not mentioned in http://docs.oracle.com/database/122/ARPLS/DBMS_SQLDIAG.htm#ARPLS-GUID-BF6F2F8E-B9D0-48C9-8EF2-3435881EE38B

Tim... said...


Nigel Bayliss, the current "Optimizer Guy" at Oracle has been saying it in his presentations. I'm not sure it is documented anywhere. If you have any doubts raise an SR with Oracle Support.



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