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Comments for Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.2 Installation

Maurice said...

Hi Tim!

Thank's for sharing!
In your exmaple, the call to "@apex_epg_config.sql /home/oracle/apex" will not work, I think.

The script will append "apex" to the specified path as the IMGPATH.
It will end in "/home/oracle/apex/apex/images".

Regards from Germany and thanks a lot again!


Tim... said...


You're correct. I've amended the article now. :)



Joao said...


I think you should correct the expression "base directory" when running the embedded gateway script to "oracle_home" directory.

As you surely know, the terms "base directory" refers to the directory where oracle software is installed and it's not the oracle home. Its the place where OFA-compliant structured database directories are installed.


Tim... said...


I don't think that is relevant here. In this case we are talking about the media. It has nothing to do with either the ORACLE_HOME or the ORACLE_BASE. Completely different context. :)

It might be relevant in you are using the software pre-installed as part of the DB installation, but who uses that? It's always out of date...



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