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Comments for Column-Level Collation and Case-Insensitive Database in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2)

Carlo Sirna said...

Reading the article it seems that I could create table containing a column case and accent insensitive by using "ITALIAN_CS":

"alter table mytab add description varchar2(100) collate ITALIAN_CS"

This fails with a ORA-12746 error, wheres the other two suffixes (_AI and _CI) work fine.
Is there some error in the article?

Tim... said...


This is the default if no extension is added, so technically it is "_CS", but in most cases it is no extension. For example ITALIAN, ITALIAN_CI, ITALIAN_AI.



Gyula said...

I happily tried this new feature in application, but it caused all my packages invalidated with error "PLS-00762: %TYPE or %ROWTYPE must have the USING_NLS_COMP collation"
In PL/SQL Lang reference there is a sentence: "The %ROWTYPE attribute cannot be used if the referenced character column has a collation other than USING_NLS_COMP."
It's a cold shower... it seems too high price.

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