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Comments for Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) : Auto PL/SQL

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
Can you also post a procedure or function that takes a UDT as input ? I am stuck on how to pass UDT via POST . I can get all UDT returned or OUT but passing UDT is not happening. I tried following para as IN parameter with no luck
{"empno": 7369,"ename": "SMITH"},{"empno": 7499,"ename": "ALLEN"}

Tim... said...


I don't think Auto PL/SQL is the solution to user-defined types. I would do something like the method described here.




Rajan said...

Resolved: I have to use same name as in parameter variable and post with data that i want as IN in package.

example, my_func(in_emp_record_arr in emp_record_arr ), and use following
{"in_emp_record_arr": [{"empno": 7369, "ename": "SMITH"},{"empno": 7499,"ename": "ALLEN"} ]
Key here is to pass same paramter_name like for me in_emp_record_arr with data. I use data as raw though

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