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Comments for Inline External Tables in Oracle Database 18c

Stepan RYBAR said...

Hello, do allow inline external tables in 18c to specify inside SELECT file with subfolder? DEFAULT DIRECTORY can not be defined as the result of previous CTE, variable... opposite to LOCATION (), am I right? So is it possible do write something LOCATION ('./day0/log0.csv')? Because I have n.000 of CSV per day and I need to divide them into subfolders. Thank You.

Tim... said...


Location is just a file name. The directory object specifies the path. This is a security feature. If you allow a path how would you control where they can see. We would have to go back to the bad old days of UTL_FILE_DIR.

You can use dynamic SQL to generate anything, but the directory you use must exist.



Stepan RYBAR said...

Hi, Tim,

> If you allow a path how would you control where they can see.

...I do not want point to any directory, but to the file within defined DEFAULT DIRECTORY (virtual root directory), so just only any subdirectory of DEFAULT DIRECTORY.

Anyway thank You for clarification. Stepan

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