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Comments for Complete Data Audit

Rogi said...

Good Work, How we do the same For SQL Server?

Tim... said...

I guess you need to look on an SQL Server website. :)



Rogi said...

To Tim

Certainly , I looked websites SQL... (:..:) the Interesting problem: to create in the same manner, but for Server SQL

The best wishes

Christian said...

Nice solution, but:

Any good suggetsions on how to parse the clob data column to make it more "readable"?

Armando said...

where do you user the



also, for some reason, what i only get in the action field is the action itself but no data.

Tim... said...


The application (or app server) must set it when it makes a new connection, or gets a connection off the connection pool.

Not sure what you're saying in the second part. Please ask questions in the forum, not in the comments (as it says above).



Vitor said...

Great! Works perfect!
Added the sys_context('USERENV','HOST') in codes!


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