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Comments for Multitenant : Usable Backups of Non-CDBs and Relocated PDBs in Oracle Database 18c

RobK said...

Two minor comments. I tested with 19.3.

1) In 19.3 the first few catalog preplugin archivelogs were not necessary. See:
RMAN> list preplugin archivelog all;

Do you have any idea what execute dbms_pdb.exportrmanbackup(); does under the hood? Where does it write the backup information? How is this information get into the target CDB?
I would appreciate reading this in the article.

Tim... said...


1) I'll check it out in 19c.

2) I don't think this is documented. Just that it is written to SYSAUX tablespace. I've put a link in the article to a post where someone has dug out the details. I thought that was better than just copying their work.



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